Tips To Help You Scrimp On Rental Cars

Ready to hit the road this summer? You’d better get booking!

The busy summer vehicle rental season is about to begin, and so prices are expected to climb up. From earl y June all through the end of August, these rates will spike up. Just last July, as an example, the average rate of an airport rental compact car booked for 7 days ahead was $369.62. That’s about 56% more than the $236.73 charged in March, according to Abrams Travel Data Index. Now here are a few tips to keep those costs down.

Don’t be too brand-conscious. Look beyond other big car rental chains like Avis, Hertz, or Thrifty and try to look at agencies like, Payless,, Lansing Limo Service, usually you can scrimp on cost by 15-30 percent compared to the big mainstream companies. Another company that’s unfamiliar to most US citizens is the German company Sixt, who started branches in southeastern United States out to Miami, Atlanta, Florida, and Orlando. In order to boost brand awareness, Sixt offers great discounts like a Mercedes C-class at $39 a day in near end of May at airport location in Orlando. Based from recent research, the lowest rate offered by Hertz for the same time was $50.57 per day, and that’s for a Kia Rio or similar cars.

Dig deep for online discounts. Try to look for discount coupons or vouchers on sites like, or simply Google the name if the vehicle rental company and “coupon code” and see what you’ll get. Often, car rental companies offer discount coupons to members with flier programs. And also to other organizations they are in partnership with. Organizations like Costco, BJ’s, AAA, so you might want to check on those sites if you’re already a member.

Try to avoid the airport. Off-airport locations are usually cheaper than airport locations. Car rental service via airport location tends to be 30 percent more than off-airport price. For example, a compact car rental from Hertz was recently listed at $50.49 a day, and $219 a week with taxes at By just simply taking the subway and walking a few blocks you can scrimp on cost up to $39.98 per day; that’s $146 with taxes for one week. Plus you get yourself an exercise, too.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Tree Removal Service

As Tree Service Companies are some of the most unsafe businesses, choosing the right one can be tricky. Unfortunately, homeowners have to deal with a lot of scammers because of this. Not only do they take their money without properly finishing the work, but they can also cause terrible accidents that may destroy houses, yards, and other goods. If you are in need of a trustworthy Tree Service, follow the tree removal service selection tips below that will spare your property of disaster.

Tree Removal Service Hiring Tips

1. Do Your Homework

Before contacting any Service, it is necessary that you find out some basic information about it. The first sign that shows whether the Service is worth researching is the business license. Those who do not have one can be poorly trained or even not trained at all to do such dangerous job.

Another indication that separates scammers from professionals is the liability insurance. Even experts can make mistakes, so it is important that they have the money to pay for what they damage, whether it’s about goods or injuries. Not having insurance means that, in the case of accidents, you will be the one to support the material loss. And reparations are usually quite expensive.

2. Look into the Past Experiences of the Company at Better Business Bureau

If you find the Tree Removal Service on BBB, it’s good news. Better Business Bureau is a platform in which all kinds of Companies sign up to receive feedback on the services they perform. After checking whether the Service you picked is a legitimate business with liability insurance, go to BBB and search for the same Service to find out about any complaints towards it. However, if it does not belong to BBB, this should be a huge concern.

3. Pick the Best Price

If you haven’t hired a Tree Removal Service before, choosing a Company that charges fairly can be difficult. What you can do to ease your struggle, though, is look into the prices of several different Services. This way, you will be able to estimate a good price, without being overcharged or to hiring an unprepared team at a low cost.

4. Get Your Tree Removed before Paying

A Tree Removal Service that asks you to pay upfront is likely to be a scam. You have the right to pay after the job has been completed, and a team who doesn’t understand this should be crossed off your list. Think about it. Why would they need the money before doing the job? They don’t have to buy additional materials. Plus, a professional team will always come to your house well-prepared with everything they need.

5. Look for Signs of Professionalism

When it comes to materials, a professional Tree Removal Service team uses helmets, protective glasses, special climbing boots, and durable climbing gear. If the workers who come to your door don’t have any of these instruments, you should think twice before formally hiring them.

By following these tips, you can be sure you will get it right when selecting your preferred tree removal service provider.